About Us

After less than 6 months of the official launch, Key West Smuggler's Bourbon Whiskey has taken home the bronze medal in one of the most highly regarded spirits competitions in the world, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Authentic grain to bottle Bourbon Whiskey made in the American tradition with a modern and sophisticated twist, using an award winning fast-aging process

TerrePURE® technology is a natural process that has been proven to reduce unwanted, harsh-tasting congeners, revealing a smoother, more sophisticated spirit in the process. It does this by using ultrasonic energy. Applied with oxygenation after standard distillation, it finishes chemical reactions that failed to complete in the fermentation stage. The proof of this process is obvious the first time you taste Key West Smuggler’s Bourbon Whiskey. You will taste an ultra smooth and premium bourbon that will please your palate.

Our patented aging process results in taste and quality levels that would otherwise take 4-6 years.


*Our aging process reduces several known congeners (such as methanol, isobutanol, amyl alcohols, propanol, and free radicals) to a greater degree than any other industry method. In addition to this reduction of congeners, our technology also induces a conversion of certain harsh-tasting acids to smooth-tasting esters (glycerides). This conversion produces a spirit with a much smoother mouth-feel and dramatically enhanced taste and flavor.