With bourbon exploding in the marketplace, Key West Smuggler has concocted some refreshing and very tasty signature cocktails perfect for Key West and lovers of bourbon. 

Sexy Smuggler
A tropical elixir drenched in lavish juices and refreshing bubbles. Cool and satisfying, the perfect cocktail for this island paradise.
1.5oz of Key West Smuggler's Bourbon
2.5 oz of Pineapple Juice
1.5oz Cranberry Juice
1.5oz Orange Juice
Splash Grenadine
Splash of Sprite
Mix all ingredients in shaker
Pour over cup of ice
Garnish with orange slice and/or cherry

Smuggler's Tea
Deep in complexity and character, yet as simple as sitting on the front porch. Smuggler's Tea bridges the gap between country and beachy. A must have for any lazy day in the sun.
1oz Key West Smuggler's Bourbon
.5oz Germaine
1/4 lemon juice
1/4 simple syrup
Dash of Cinnamon
Dry shake all ingredients in shaker
Pour into glass with ice
Top with sweet tea
Garnish with lemon peel

Smuggler's Smooch
Light & fun is the background for this sunset inspired drink. A refreshing bourbon and citrus blend topped with a kiss of champagne, this drink affair will leave you wanting more.
2oz Key West Smuggler's Bourbon
1/2oz Lemon juice
3/4oz Simple syrup
1 dash of bitters
Splash of Honey
Add ice cubes to glass
Add Bourbon, lemon juice, bitters and honey
Top with a Kiss of Champagne
Garnish with a Lemon

Smuggled Sunshine
This profound yet simple recipe calls for pure liquid sunshine and sweet lemonade. Sip your way into warmer weather with this light & refreshing lemonade concoction.
1.5 oz Key West Smuggler's Bourbon
4.5 oz lemonade 
Fill shaker with ice
Add bourbon
Add lemonade
Pour into glass
Garnish with lemon and/or cherry

Smuggled Gold
This is the treasure you seek. The glowing gold color lures you into this rich bourbon lair, but be careful, this ginger lady has a bite.
1.5 oz Smuggler’s Bourbon 
2 oz sprite 
2 oz ginger ale
Pour bourbon into glass over ice
Add ginger ale & sprite
Stir and serve

Smuggler's Gamble
Much like Henry Flagler himself, this libation rolls into town with confidence and sophistication. Smooth & warm with light citrus overtones. Just like Mr. Flagler, this gamble pays off.
1.5 oz Key West Smuggler's Bourbon 
2.5 oz sweet and sour
2.5 oz coke
Pour bourbon into glass over ice
Pour in sweet and sour
Top with coke