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Key West Smuggler's Bourbon Whiskey

An aged Bourbon (21% Rye) Whiskey that meets the standards of identity for Bourbon Whiskey as defined by the U.S. Alcohol, Tax and Trade Bureau, Code of Federal Regulations (27 CFR 5.22).

Key West Smuggler’s Whiskey is “a bourbon whiskey distilled in the United States at not exceeding 160 proof from fermented mash of grain of which not less than 51% was corn grain and stored at not more than 125 proof in charred new oak containers.”


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CPD Wine & Liquor

5100 US Hwy 98, Unit 3

Lakeland, FL

Universal Fine Wine & Spirits

1542 US 19

Holiday, FL

Kenny's Liquors

11679 Boyette Rd

Riverview, FL

Conch Town Liquor & Lounge

3340 N Roosevelt Blvd

Key West, FL

Tattoos & Scars

512 Greene St

Key West, FL


210 Ann St

Key West, FL

Smuggler's Cove

85500 Overseas Hwy

Islamorada, FL

Summerland Wine & Spirits

24816 Overseas Hwy

Summerland Key, FL

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The alcohol delivered is produced from a mash of 21% rye, 4% malt barley and 75% corn. 
45% ABV/ 90 Proof